Saturday, May 26, 2012

Setup as of May 26 2012

JBL 8340's left/center/right supported with a pair of mid-bass units, each with a JBL 2226 15" woofer
JBL NS-24 side channels
Cerwin Vega AT-8 rear channels
4 Avalanche 18" in infinite baffle subwoofer
Parasound HCA1206 six channel THX amp (125x6)
Lexicon MC-1 v4.0
Behringer EP2500 amp for subwoofer
ART351 eq/high-pass filter for sub
Behringer BFD1124 parametric EQ for sub
NEC XG1135LC CRT projector
110" Vutec Pearlescent screen
Technics MK1700 turntable with Ortofon "red" cartridge
Acoustat Spectra 22's (not using currently)
Mackie HR824 (not using)
Custom PC (intel quad core, running Sagetv/XBMC)
REW (room eq wizard) for system measurements using Behringer ecm8000 mic, Rolls mic pre)