Saturday, May 26, 2012

Setup as of May 26 2012

JBL 8340's left/center/right supported with a pair of mid-bass units, each with a JBL 2226 15" woofer
JBL NS-24 side channels
Cerwin Vega AT-8 rear channels
4 Avalanche 18" in infinite baffle subwoofer
Parasound HCA1206 six channel THX amp (125x6)
Lexicon MC-1 v4.0
Behringer EP2500 amp for subwoofer
ART351 eq/high-pass filter for sub
Behringer BFD1124 parametric EQ for sub
NEC XG1135LC CRT projector
110" Vutec Pearlescent screen
Technics MK1700 turntable with Ortofon "red" cartridge
Acoustat Spectra 22's (not using currently)
Mackie HR824 (not using)
Custom PC (intel quad core, running Sagetv/XBMC)
REW (room eq wizard) for system measurements using Behringer ecm8000 mic, Rolls mic pre)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


mains - JBL 8340 (intended as surrounds, good enough for mains)
Parasound HCA-1206 THX amp (6 x 125w @8ohms)
6 JBL 2226 drivers - going into 4648-8 clones

Sunday, June 20, 2010

YABU (yet another blog update)

Recent changes:

added Marchand XM9 analog 2 way crossover
-splits the left/right signal at 200hz
added a pair of dipole subs
-12" woofer in each
-lexicon is set for fronts small, crossover at 80hz
-80hz to 200hz operating range, mains run 200hz-20khz
-marchand maintains stereo bass (sum/stereo toggle)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Why is this wrinkly? Because underneath is my taut Screen Goo screen. Pinned on top is the Vutec material until I decide on whether to build a torus or just a curved screen. This picture was taken right after I put the Vutec material up too. It has since relaxed to nearly flat.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Current Setup Updated


NEC XG135LC crt projector
Extron switcher/line driver
Vutec Pearlbrite 3.0 gain screen 110" diagonal


Lexicon MC-1 v4.0 pre-pro (DD/DTS/THX/Logic 7)
Acoustat Spectra 2200 electrostats - left/right
Mackie HR824 THX professional studio monitor - center
Paradigm ADP-150 dipoles - side surrounds
Mackie HR824 - rear surrounds
Samson S700 amp - dipole main channel subs (350x2)
Samson S1000 amp - mains (500x2)

IB subwoofer-
--four 18" Ascendant Audio Avalanche drivers
--Behringer ep2500 amp (1200w 2ohm stereo mode)
--BFD1124 parametric EQ
--art351 graphic eq (temporary)

Intel q6600 (2.4ghz@3.0ghz)
Asus P5K premium
Antec P182 case
2x2gb OCZ platinum pc-8000 DDR2-1000
ATI 3870
XBMC Dsplayer build - ffdshow for decoding
Sagetv 6.6 PVR software
Silicon Dust HDHomerun dual ATSC tuner
Hauppaugge 1600 ATSC tuner
Channelmaster CM4428 antenna
Channelmaster 7777 pre-amp
MS MCE remote and usb ir receiver

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I've mainly been updating the progress over at the Cult of the Infinitely Baffled.

I finished the electrical finally - 4 new circuits in the panel all custom wired for the theater (lighting, projector, gear, PC, and 2 dedicated for the power amps - 2400w for the sub, 500wx2 and 250wx2 for the main channels).

The screen is done (leaning against front wall) so the next step is to treat the walls acoustically with 2" rigid fibreglass, batting and something like GOM fabric. Then it's just the various finishing bits and the room will be done (hurray!).

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Current progress

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